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The Causes of the Salem Witch Hunt Essay - 925 Words

The Causes of the Salem Witch Hunt Many American colonists brought with them from Europe a notion in witches and an intrigue with alleged manipulation with the devil. During the seventeenth century, people were executed for witchcraft all over the colonies, chiefly in Massachusetts. Various of the accused were women, inducing some recent historians to recommend that charges of witchcraft were a way of dominating women who endangered the present economic and social order at that time. In 1692 the famous Salem, Massachusetts, witchcraft trials took place, and that summer hundreds of people in the colony were taken into custody without any reason whatsoever. To comprehend the events of the†¦show more content†¦Of these nine girls, only one is related to me, Ann Putnam. Her grandmother was Priscilla Gould, the sister of Zaccheus Gould. Ann was born in 1680 to Thomas Putnam and Ann. The affair, which led to the Witch Trials, as a matter of fact turn out in what is now the town of Danvers, then a district of Salem Town, recognized as Salem Village. Propelling the frenzy was the grotesque, apparently unexplainable behavior of two young girls; the daughter, Betty, and the niece, Abigail Williams, of the Salem Village minister, Reverend Samuel Parris. Magistrates Jonathan Corwin and John Hathorne in February 1692, thought over three accused women. Corwin’s home, known as the Witch House, still stands at the corner of North and Essex Streets in Salem, furnishing supervised tours and tales of the first witchcraft trials. John Hathorne, an ancestor of author Nathaniel Hawthorne, is buried in the Charter Street Old Burying Point. (Jones, 163) To comprehend the happening of the Salem witch trials, it is essential to explore the times in which allegation of witchcraft occurred. There were the customary stresses of 17th-century life in Massachusetts Bay Colony. A strong belief in the devil, factions surrounded by Salem Village extremists and competitionShow MoreRelatedThe Witch Hunt : The Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials952 Words   |  4 PagesSalem Village is located on the northeast coast of Massachusetts. The settlements first title was Naumkeag but was changed to Salem, meaning peace, because it was preferred. Salem was founded in 1626, and is best remembered for the witch hysteria beginning in 1692. A few girls started acting deranged and crazed. A doctor diagnosed them as bewitched, leading to trials and hunts for accused witches. These witch trials and hunts caused nineteen people to be hung and caused one person to be pressedRead MoreThe Salem Witch Trials Essay1349 Words   |  6 PagesBefore 1692, the su pernatural was a part of people’s everyday normal life. This is so as people strongly believed that Satan was present and active on earth. Men and women in Salem Village believed that all the misfortunes that befell them were the work of the devil. For example, when things like infant death, crop failures or friction among the congregation occurred, people were quick to blame the supernatural. This concept first emerged in Europe around the fifteenth century and then spread toRead MoreSalem Witch Trials : The Witch Trial Hysteria920 Words   |  4 PagesSalem Witch Trial Hysteria In 1692 the actions of three girls quickly launched Salem onto the path of committing one of the largest witch hunts the New World has ever known. The witch hunt was fueled by a mass hysteria among the townspeople, this hysteria was the result of the strictness of their society and a number of internal and external stressors. The initial wave of panic when rumors of witchcraft arose gave way to compete hysteria when accusations began. Salem massachusetts was the perfectRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Queen Elizabeth1598 Words   |  7 Pagespart of that history is the origin of witch-hunt, or in other words, the execution of witches. Witchcraft was treated as the craft of wise at the very beginning. However, as the following behind witchcraft grew stronger, the conflict between the Christian religious and witchcraft finally lead to the bloody witch-hunt; but witch-hunt is not as simple as a conflict between two beliefs, in fact, the cause behind witch-hunt is the characteristic inside us. Witch-hunt represents not only the fear of witchcraftRead MoreWitch Hunts : The Causes Of Witch Trials In 1692851 Words   |  4 PagesImagine yourself in Salem, Massachusetts, sometime in 1692. What are you imagining? Small houses, one-room schools, or maybe starving people trying to survive a harsh winter? Both of those scenarios probably happened. But I’m focusing on something else, something much more dire. Because i n Salem, Massachusetts, 1692, witch accusations were happening, and for over a year. Approximately 200 people were accused of being witches. Roughly 20 were killed and about five more died in prison. This is theRead MoreIs Witch Trails A Thing Of The Past?923 Words   |  4 Pages Being that the Salem Witch Trails date back to over three hundred years, many people believe witch trails are a thing of the past. However, modern day witch trails are still extremely prevalent. Modern-day witch-hunts are reported to still be happening in Africa, the Pacific, Latin America, even in the U.S. and Europe. According to a New York Times article, within the last fifteen years alone, more than 2,000 Indians have been killed after being accused of witchcraft. Almost all of the accused haveRead MoreThe Crucible By Arthur Miller1358 Words   |  6 Pagesproduced in 1996 and portrayed the dramatized play written by Arthur Miller in 1953. The movie story deals with the Salem, Massachusetts hyste ria in 1692 with an irrational fear of the devil. Witch hunts and false accusations resulted. Trials took place and resulted in the hanging and associated death of more than 20 people and the false imprisonment of many others. B. The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft. â€Å"From June through SeptemberRead MoreSalem Witch Hunt : A Phenomenon Of Witch Trials1499 Words   |  6 Pages The Salem Witch Hunt was a phenomenon of witch trials in the Early Modern period. It occurred in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. It all started when a group of young girls, Betty Parris, 9 years old, and Abigail Williams, 11 years old, started to behave in a crazy manner, like screaming and barking like a dog, and it got to the point where they assumed they were â€Å"possessed†. Soon after that, Ann Putnam Jr. and other Salem girls began acting similarly. People started getting very scared and startedRead More Salem Witch Trials Essay876 Words   |  4 PagesSalem Witch Trials The Salem Witch Trials was probably considered the darkest time for the New England Colony. This was a mass murder of women and a few men that were supposed witches. All of this started from two little girls and a bacteria in the bread that affected the brain. This all started on January 20,1692 when nine-year-old Elizabeth Parris and eleven-year-old Abigail Williams started to exhibit strange behavior. Blasphemous screaming, Seizures, Trance-like states and MysteriousRead MoreAbdeali Dalal. Dr. Jenkins. History 1301. February 13,1541 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Escaping Salem; The Other Witch Hunt of 1692† â€Å"Escaping Salem; The Other Witch hunt of 1692† was penned and published by Richard Godbeer in 2005. Godbeer expressed his views on what he called basic witch trials in Salem and more importantly, in Stamford, Connecticut Massachusetts. The same year that Salem witch hunt and trials began in 1692, another witch hunt took place in Stamford, the Western Connecticut to when a woman (Elizabeth Clawson) from there was also accused of Witchcraft. These witch hunt

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A Thesis Statement Monarchy And Democracy - 1476 Words

Thesis Statement: Monarchy and Democracy Through assessing both monarchy and democracy from both perspectives of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke, one can see that democracy creates the most beneficial outcome. Today, many people associate the ideals Locke adopts with democracy. Although, in Locke’s book, Second Treatise of Government, he did not solely focus on democracy. He listed many types of government, not favoring any. He believed that as long as they adhere to his rules, they remain valid. As a result of looking through Thomas Hobbes’ view on monarchy and John Locke’s view on democracy, both perspectives provide a vast amount of information of an ideal government. In Locke’s book, Second Treatise of Government, chapter 11 is devoted to legislative power, which Locke identifies as the most important part of the government. Locke provides rules for this legislative power. The first is the preservation of society. No one can challenge the power of the legislative body, or pass laws of their own. This power is invested in the body of the majority. In this chapter, he brings up a constant concern in even today in America: long term office holders. This rule becomes important when members of legislatures hold positions for long periods of time, perhaps even for life. In instances like this, they may think themselves as separate entities detached from their society. They start to work for their interests rather than society’s. Through Hobbes’ view on monarchy,Show MoreRelatedAge of Enlightenment and Glorious Revolution622 Words   |  3 PagesGraded Assignment Outline and Thesis Statement (20 points) |Score | | | 1. Complete the following outline, as you read online about the events in England that were milestones in the development of democracy. (There are ten items that need information.) Answer: A Bird’s-Eye View 1 Renaissance and Reformation During the Renaissance, Europe was charged with a new spirit of inquiry. 2 English monarchy The Glorious Revolution 1 CharlesRead MoreAmerica s Founding Ideas - September Term1378 Words   |  6 PagesJoanne Geloso America’s Founding Ideas – January Term First Paper Assignment One of the reasons the American Revolution is considered the greatest experiment in liberty and democracy is due in part to the political and philosophical ideology produced as a result of the Enlightenment period. These ideas combined with the geographical location of the colonies, separating them from England by a vast ocean, were felt to have created the ideal opportunity for the colonies to declare their autonomyRead MoreAdolf Hitler (Nazi Leader). .Even Though Hitler Was In1427 Words   |  6 Pages20th century. To understand Adolf Hitler’s rise of power, one must first understand the socio- historical background in Germany. In 1918, which was near the end of World War I, a revolution went on. The Kaiser was forced to abdicate and the monarchy was overthrown. In the early 1919, a parliamentary democratic government was established in Germany - the Weimar Republic. The same year, the Weimar Republic government, representing Germany, signed the Treaty of Versailles, which not only placedRead MoreThroughout history, mankind has often ventured to spread its faith to the non-believers of the2900 Words   |  12 PagesThroughout history, mankind has often ventured to spread its faith to the non-believers of the world. In the modern world, religion has been replaced by democracy, liberalism and capitalism and the United States as â€Å"the leader of the free world† has taken it upon herself to convert the rest of the world. Historically, the United States has preferred to o perate in isolation, only getting involved in North and South American affairs. This paradigm shifted after World War II, when the United StatedRead MoreThe Revolution Being The `` Gender Revolution ``895 Words   |  4 Pagesrage many women have had from being back stabbed by their lover. We can see the evolution beginning even in dated movies like The Wizard of Oz: A woman who must be strong for all of her companions in order to see a brighter day. Dorothy was the anti-thesis of the woman archetype for those who were raised in the 10’s and 20’s. Dorothy did not have a selfless gentleman of notable strength to protect her virtue. She protected her and her friends. It is assumed that art imitates life imitates art; thereforeRead MoreEvolution and the Modern Social Contract Theory : Essay Outline1050 Words   |  5 Pagesdevelopment of the theory by introducing each of them and discussing their respective political theory of the subject. The main thinkers that we will introduce in his essay are Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Immanuel Kant and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Thesis Statement: Essentially, the social contract theory states that the individuals have abandoned their freedom to submit to the authority of the state and therefore the majority. The question of equality is also very predominating in the writing about theRead MoreEssay Reveiw4144 Words   |  17 PagesAP Essay Review 17th Century Affairs 1. How did the disintegration of the medieval church and the coming of the Reformation contribute to the development of nation-states in Western Europe between 1450 and 1648? a. Thesis: Rise of absolutism came at the expense of the medieval church, absolutism laid the foundation for the modern-nation state. Supporting Info: (main body) 1. German princes: Luther’s Reformation = more power for princes. They have greater control of political affairs and nationalRead MoreAbsolutism and Constitutionalism Essay2759 Words   |  12 Pagesparlements (-e) were different in that there were many regional parlements as opposed to one central one, and they lacked the ability to make laws. Rather, the French parlements just had the authority to accept or refuse policies proposed by the monarchy. The French also had the Estates General to serve as its legislature, but it was a medieval creation that never really caught on among the French nobles. It could only meet when it was called into session by the king, and that was very rare (metRead MoreAdvancements in the Roman Empire Compared to that of the Han Dynasty2165 Words   |  9 Pagesfour hundred years (Immell, 22). Two centuries later, the Roman Empire was also established with the same beliefs and it was then able to transcend. For example, they created and pe rformed the theatrical arts and invented the use of a senate in a democracy that didnt reappear until after the renaissance in Europe (Lassieur, 8). Comparing the Han Dynasty to the Roman Empire is more like choosing an apple from a basket; all apples are the same, but only some are ripe enough to shine. Although both civilizationsRead MoreA General Comparison between the Senate of Ancient Rome and the Senate of the United States4115 Words   |  17 Pages A General Comparison between the Senate of Ancient Rome and the Senate of the United States Research Class 16th August 2012 Outline I. Introduction Thesis statement: It is known to most that Western countries are on the rule of parliamentary democracy. We also know that Western countries inherited their political system from the ancient Greeks and Romans, especially the Roman political system. It has shaped western parliamentary system more than

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The Relationship Between School Choice And Segregation

School choice is a hot topic at the moment in the politics throughout Texas. Many seem to be against it, but see the benefits in the choice. Through this paper I research what the relationship between school choice and segregation is. Through this paper I will explore the isolation of the English language learning students and the challenges they face because of it. The location of schools and that reflects in their students, policies of the schools, and of the programs that they offer. Literature Review Charter schools enroll larger proportions of minority and low†income students and smaller proportions of White students than traditional district public schools statewide: African American students make up 33% of the students in Texas’ open†enrollment charter schools compared to 14% in Texas public schools, overall. Hispanic students make up 48% of the students enrolled in open†enrollment charter schools, compared to the state average of 46%. Open†enrollment charter schools have a higher percentage of economically disadvantaged students (70%) than the state average (56%), a lower percentage of students classified as limited†English proficient (14%) than the state average (16%), and a lower percentage of students served in special education (10%) than the state average (11%). o Campus charter schools serve predominantly Hispanic and low†income student populations. †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. HousingShow MoreRelatedEffects Of School Segregation On Schools Essay1379 Words   |  6 PagesPrior research on the causes and impact of school segregation has focused primarily on three areas: First, research documented the causes of segregation (Dorsey, 2015; Orfield, 2001). This body of research connects school districting, and the affordability of residential housing to the creation of segregated White and segregated Minority public schools districts. Second, research focused on the impact of segregation on student academic performance (Card, D. Rothstein, J., 2005). This researchRead MoreSingle Sex Schools Are Effective Or Ineffective1337 Words   |  6 PagesSingle Sex Schools Affect Many People Have you ever heard of single sex schools? If yes, do you think it’s a good idea? Single sex schools are schools that either have all male students or all female students only. Many people have different kinds of opinions towards these types of schools. There have been many debates on whether single-sex schools are effective or ineffective. These schools have different effects on people. Single sex schools should be discontinued because it will affect studentsRead MoreWho Is The Real Bully?1712 Words   |  7 Pagesunderstanding of bullying and how to prevent the dangers of it. Bullying is a commonly understood topic around the world, but there are many unknown facts and situations that people aren’t aware of, including different types of bullying: bullying in school, racial bullying, and bullying in the workplace. Bullying hasn’t always been a major issue that haunts lives on a day to day basis. It wasn’t until the 1970’s where ‘bullying’ became a well-known and mysterious problem. The dilemma with bullying startedRead MoreThe U. S. Constitution1506 Words   |  7 Pagesdifferent points of view. Topic #6. Identify the purposes elections serve and explain the relationship between elections and majoritarian and pluralist models of democracy. A country that fights for it’s rights and honors their troops so that we the people who make America what it is get to vote in our elections annually. A country that stands by its beliefs, so as we know, to give us freedom of choice. The purpose of elections is to narrow the candidates down to a minimum in order to get closerRead MoreDear University Of Wisconsin Madison Admissions1588 Words   |  7 Pagesparents, like many financially secure families in my area, sent me to a private college-preparatory school to escape the deficiencies of the public school system in East Baton Rouge Parish. While white students made up eighty percent of the enrollment of my college-preparatory school, they constituted a distinct minority in my neighborhood public school. As I came to recognize de facto school segregation, I struggled with the idea of my own privilege. I began to understand how my parents’ freedom toRead MoreVanessa and Disegregated Schools1193 Words   |  5 Pagesw ould have liked to have experienced the all black school, I enjoy my people.† Vanessa Warren is addressing the integration of the public schools in the late 1960’s. Warren was born on January 17, 1958 in Lancaster, Kentucky to Madison and Anna Warren. Her father worked in a sewage treatment plant and her mother worked as cafeteria worker in the public schools. Vanessa Warren started attending school the year of integration in the Garrard County school system, while her two older sisters had the opportunityRead MoreBrown Vs. Board Of Education Of Topeka1600 Words   |  7 Pageslongstanding process of trying to deplete segregated schools and creating racial equality. This event marked the beginning of racial integration, starting with the schools. Many people failed to understand that segregated schools were not equal in quality, which further created tension among the African-American families and started many movements. When this case became headline news it was deem ed important due to the fact that if passed then all public schools would have to integrate. This court decisionRead MoreThe Divide of Metropolitian Secregation953 Words   |  4 Pages Metropolitan segregation can be seen from both micro and macro levels, this divide is apparent through racial segregation across communities and also by examining the outcomes of district and industry zoning. Laden in urban segregation is the process of gentrification, which acts as an agent of change regarding spatial relationships among different social groups. Segregation has always been a component of the urban dynamic, this structure of divide has shifted and metamorphosed as a result of inevitableRead More Gender Inequality: Sex Discrimination in Employment Essay1617 Words   |  7 Pagesbe discussed. First, gender differences in historical social roles have created stereotypes on the contemporary outlooks of the social attitude. Secondly, through beliefs and values, career pathways and choic es have become gendered from factors of culture and society. Lastly, occupational segregation within the workforce is still dominant, but more equality is breaking through for the future. In this research, I will identify the factors that inter-link gender within different parts of society Read MoreA Story of Race and a Forbidden Love1028 Words   |  5 Pagesof the farm’s help. There are many aspects of this story that are wrong but the most pronounced one is the racial segregation. Even though certain races are perceived as inferior to some, there should be no such thing because we all need to work together to make the planet a better place and lives are ruined over racial this segregation. The theme of this story is about tough choices and racial divides. Throughout the story you have mention of how segregated they are. The white boy lives in the

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Complexity and Ambiguity in Organizational Behavior †MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Complexity and Ambiguity in Organizational Behavior. Answer: Introduction The main aim of this reflective report is to demonstrate the role of leadership in an organization. It discusses the journey of leadership as well as leadership concept. It also deliberates the theories and models of leadership. It represents the self-awareness techniques like SWOT and MBIT, which can be imperative to analyze the individual personality. It also shows the recommendation that will be required for future development. This reflective report also discusses the action plan from improving the weakness in estimated time. When I started college, I was always timid and afraid to let my opinions be heard. I did not understand the exact path to follow in life, because I had not fully discovered myself. With this research, I can assess how a successful person handles leadership and also I will be able to analyze the leadership journey of a fellow student thus mentor them into being the best leader they can be. The focus will not be only for me and my fellow student, but I will also look into skills of conveying information, effective communication, and building of relationships. I also make sure I have analyzed the cultures advocated by organizations and nations and how they influence the ideas I have for effective leadership. Lastly, it will be now possible in my opinion to apply the information acquired from the philosophies of effective leadership actually to find meaning and comprehend my reflections and feedback. Ultimately, I would have taken a step higher in understanding myself better which is the most important aspect of leading people since without self-awareness one cannot be productive in leadership. The worst feeling is when one has the greatest urge of making a revolution of people or a place through mobilization (Braun, 2017, p. 35). But at the end of the day, they keep it low and just bite their tongue without realizing they have failed because of fear of intimidation, competition, irrationality, inferiority, and lack of confidence in themselves. Last year, if someone told me that I would speak of my opinions freely in public and mobilize people, I would not have believed them. However, as of today, I firmly believe that experiences change people. As a person, I can discover the areas that I am strong in and the areas that I am weak in, as a process of self-awareness. Concept of Leadership During my freshman year, we were tasked with developing a website for our college, as a class where the teacher assigned us groups. Each group was given a specific section to handle. The website had to be attractive enough to capture the attention of the target audience. Since the assignment was to be carried out by groups, it seemed exciting at first but the group where I was in, was a bit confusing and chaotic. This is because no one understood himself or herself well enough to lead and even worse, we did not know each other well. So one day when researching on the assigned topic, one member made a comment that really offended another member. As a result, an argument arose, and because of their ego, the two ended up in a fight. That day I had foregone a two-hour well-paying job to attend the group work. I felt offended as anger burned inside me and headed to where my two group members were. I made efforts to unite them and told them that they had to understand each others personali ties. Additionally, I elaborated that even though conflicting a part of the successful meeting, the meeting loses a grip when it gets personal and physical. Despite my efforts to remain calm and one point I lost my temper and gave them an ultimatum that if they hated each other, they should walk away and go on hating on each other and fail the test or stay and resolve their differences. From then on I became the team leader as it happened automatically because of the incident, something that I didnt expect. Through this event, I discovered one of my strengths which is a skill in the confrontation. This is the required skill when everyone is tensed or under pressure (Karamustafa, 2016, p. 6). Throughout the days of discussion, there was no other chaotic event. From then on, we chose someone confident enough to stand before everyone and present our work during the day of submission. However, on that day the chosen member did not turn up, so the group chose me to present. From the past experiences, I knew I was the worst presenter there could ever be. When I took the stage all the tensions, I had ever felt in all the years of my life arose as I looked at all those faces I always feared to address. In spite of that, I forgot about everything else except what I was taught on the subject of charming a crowd, demanding attention and of course everything about the website we created. After the presentation, everyone cheered me, and the teacher gave me fantastic comments about my performance. After that day, I started to feel good about myself more and more because the feedback I got from my job was encouraging. My four group members were people that I would always remember on my leadership journey, as they contributed a lot to my growth as the leader as team members. My computer teacher is also a participator in my journey as a leader because she encouraged me to do more with the leadership skills that I had acquired. On this account, I discovered my style of leadership style, my level of cultural intelligence, my level of emotional intelligence, my strengths, traits, and values (Lussier., 2016, p. 12). Leadership models and theories The main thing I found about myself through the research is my leadership style which is being a charismatic or democratic leader. A democratic leader is one who allows democracy in decision making. He involves others in decision making. He has emotional intelligence and emphasizes with others. He is reasonable and slow in action. It is an inborn trait enforced by education. They are the best leaders in the world whether they are leaders in organizations, institutions or countries (Alapo, 2016, p. 18). I crated my awareness about the self-awareness techniques, which will be needed to analyze our personality. I learned that MBIT (Myers-Brigs Type Indicator) can be imperative to our personality appropriately. To increase self-awareness, I studied the personality of Pope Francis as a democratic leader. He is highly reasonable, has got emotional intelligence, empathizes with others, does not regard himself higher than others, and allows other peoples opinions to be heard even though he is their head (Pendleton Furnham, 2016). To prove that he is a real democratic leader, he gathers a group of eight cardinals to ask for advice on how he would deal with same-sex marriages, as religious leader. That step was regarded as the most significant step in church history for over ten centuries, making him legend in the role that he has been designated to. He also visits a prison and washes the feet of a prisoner who is Muslim. That act showed humility in his service to humanity. Thereupon, Pope has charmed not only the Christian community but the whole world since he has attracted millions of non-Catholic admirers by dynamically acting in a new direction. On this account am a great admirer of Pope an d his doings as a charismatic leader, and he is the one that I look up to. My fellow students Claire and Alex were my partners, and they provided a critical analysis of my journey as a leader, and I am determined to do the same for them. For Claire, she is an authoritative leader whereby she is highly skilled and has an inborn leadership spirit that helps her influence others to work hard even when it is against their will. She tends to make all the decisions by herself in a team. She does not give room for criticism because she is against the idea of someone assessing her leadership journey. She dictates the work done by her team members because on the first day with her fast speaking style of a speech she directed us to submit our assessments and details at her own specific timings and methods. SWOT evaluation can use by an individual to analyze the internal personality of themselves for improving their personality and eliminate the weakness. Feedback provided by the companion and suggestion for development in future The Claires type of leadership is very influential on low key people, although it makes things go fast during task execution (Heilmann et al., 2016, p. 29). However, it makes other group members feel discouraged to voice their opinions unlike for the charismatic style of leadership. To improve on this, Claire has to humble a bit and consider that there are people around her with wonderful solutions and bright ideas. Also, she should make sure that she develops a good relationship with her teammates to understand them fully and know their values and opinions. She should ensure that at the end of every meeting, she allows her team members to voice their opinions and comments on the proceedings of the meeting. With ambition, wit, intelligence, strategy, influence and effective decision making without support by teammates, one cannot make it (EBSCO Publishing Firm, 2017). For Alex, his style of leadership is Leissez Faire or a free reign leader. He makes his group members feel at liberty to say or do anything at their timing and method. He is the type of leader who has the best relationship with his team members because they do not feel controlled. He does not give instructions or make decisions for them and most of the time; he delegates her work to them, which raises the motivation of her team members to a whole new level. However, she makes his group fail, because she does not monitor the task execution, although he is initiative, she does not give his team members any feedback. Also, one cannot leave her subordinates to do all the work without supervision because it causes laxity and absenteeism (Firm EBSCO Publishing, 2017, p. 13). Such a leader in any organization causes poor performance because of the do not care attitude (Mosley Schmidt, 2017, p. 48). Such kind of a leader leads to failure because there are no deadlines or plans for the teams management (Films Media Group Teletime Video, 2016). Alexs type of leadership is poor leadership. To develop better results with his work, Alex should make sure that she organizes himself before team meetings in order to ensure that he has planned out a work plan in which his group members will follow. With planning, he will be able to strategize and thus win at the end regarding effective production and tangible outcomes. He should make sure that he creates a route plan in which is supposed to follow during supervision to ensure that his team members are up to speed with the requirements of the task at hand. National and organizational culture is the way of life of a group of employees belonging to a specific organization, and several factors influence the same. The main factor affecting organizational culture is how the management handles its operations. If the organizations operate its functions in a free reign manner, then the employees will act in the same way. Also, the type of business that the organization handles deeply affects organizational culture because of various aspects such as types of markets, types of customers, the kind of government regulations and the kind of environment. The different types of businesses are; advertising agencies, distribution organizations, public relations agencies and the list is endless because of emerging inventions and technologies (Wilson, 2017). Last but not least, the working environment affects the culture of an organization because of aspects such as; trust, advocacy of the client, communication integrity, learning and growth attitudes an d positive team environment. Some of the communication skills that are effective in building relationships and mentoring of people along different cultures are: first, understand people. No matter where they are from and also being open to them about your own background and story and not only the issues you can relate with but also the issues that they can relate to (Editors of Salem Press, 2017). Also when communicating, one should ensure that the message is short, straight to the point and understandable by the target audience. The media through which the message is conveyed should also be considered because one may send a message using social media, but the audience is not conversant with the same. The theories of effective leadership are six in number. One is the trait theory that characterizes an effective leader by the use of five different traits. I have four of them and my weak spot comes in on the self-confidence part as one of the trait. The others are, ambition, intelligence, motivation and integrity (Breeding, 2017). Two is behavioral theory which categorizes a leader into three styles of leadership which are, authoritative, charismatic and leissez faire in which I fall in the send category as stated. The other one is situational theory where I experienced it during my first encounter with situations needing leadership where I took the chance when no one was there to fill the gap as given in my story above. Four, there is the fielder's contingency theory where a leader's behavior is determined in the way he deals with his employees for instance (Firm EBSCO Publishing, 2017, p. 17). I discovered that I am able to deal with my teammates effectively because of my social s kills. Five, is the path-goal theory that determines the influence of a leader on his subordinates (Seijts MacMillan, 2017, p. 22). Lastly, we get to the transformational theory where the leader is seen as revolutionary person who influences his teammates to change even when they do not want to (Nandram Bindlish, 2017, p. 42) Conclusion As per the above interpretation, it can be summarized that knowledge about leadership style could be effective for leader due to inspiring team member in the specified time and cost. It can also be concluded that values could be significant to meet the specified task of team in an ethical manner. Finally, it can be interpreted that SWOT and MBIT can also be imperative for a leader to evaluate the behavior of person. References ALAPO, D. R., 2016. GENERATION X: the role of culture on the leadership styles of women in leadership positions. 1st ed. [S.l.]: ASTA PUBLICATIONS. Braun, E. P., 2017. People f1rst leadership: how the best leaders use culture and emotion to drive unprecedented results. New York: McGraw-Hill Education. Breeding, M., 2017. John Walsh receives ACRL CJCLS EBSCO Community College Learning Resources Leadership Award. CHICAGO: Library Technology Guides. EBSCO Publishing Firm, 2017. Business leadership. Scientific Society of Management in Romania. Craiova, Romania: EBSCO Publishing Firm. Editors of Salem Press, 2017. Strategies of management. Ipswich, Massachusetts: Salem Press, a division of EBSCO Information Services. Films Media Group Teletime Video, I., 2016. Leadership. Part 2. New York, N.Y: Distributed by Films Media Group. Firm EBSCO Publishing, 2017. Leadership. American Association for Physician. Physician leadership journal, 5(2), pp. 12-46. Frantzeskaki, N., Broto, V. C., Coenen, L. Loorbach, D., 2017. Urban Sustainability Transitions. Florence: Taylor and Francis. Heilmann, S., Stepan, M. Studies, M. I. f. C., 2016. China's core executive leadership styles, structures, and processes under Xi Jiping. 1st ed. s.l.: Berlin Mercator Institute for China Studies. Karamustafa, E. Y., 2016. 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Ipswich, Massachusetts: Salem Press, a division of EBSCO Information Services, Inc.

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On Dumpster Diving Essay Essay Example

On Dumpster Diving Essay Paper Quite by accident. I found the essay On Dumpster Diving by Lars Eighner on the pages of Seagull magazine. The first lines of it captured my involvement well. for as I had neer read about Dumpster diving or scavenging earlier. On Dumpster Diving is a piece of big Eighner’s work called Travels with Lizbeth ( 1993 ) . which was based on his ain experience of homelessness. The writer engages me by stating the beginning and significance of the term Dumpster Diver. showing his endurance usher with specified regulations and ordinances. Dumpster is a hallmark of refuse lading onto trucks system. Dumpster plunging involves individuals voluntarily mounting into rubbish bins ( Dumpsters ) to happen valuables or merely utile points. including nutrient and used vesture. Eighner writes that the life of a mendicant going without any money opened his eyes to the fact that all those containers with waste are existent â€Å"supermarkets† for the hapless. and they are non merely a beginni ng of endurance. but besides a depository of high-quality and diverse nutrient. Anyhow. there is a hazard in eating such findings. We will write a custom essay sample on On Dumpster Diving Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on On Dumpster Diving Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on On Dumpster Diving Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Harmonizing to Eighner’s experience. taking nutrient out of Dumpsters should affect three simple rules: â€Å"using the senses and common sense to measure the status of the found stuffs. cognizing the Dumpsters of a given country and look intoing them on a regular basis. and seeking ever to reply the inquiry. â€Å"Why was this discarded? † Narrator advises to avoid such nutrients as game. domestic fowl. porc. and egg-based repasts. Soft drinks proving should be based on their fizzing smartly. Bing a scavenger. one has to detect the least marks of seeable contaminates. Notwithstanding the scavenger has no insurance of self- poisoning. Subsequently on Lars tells about â€Å"a predictable series of phases a individual goes through in larning to scavenge. † in which disgust at the get downing gives manner to indiscriminate geting of the things. The narrative besides includes information about the â€Å"can-divers† and their manner of plunging featured as unethical and impudent. The secret plan of it is neither compound nor rich in events and characters. However. it is thought arousing. The writer gives us elaborate counsel how to last being a Dumpster frogman. Reading the essay. I asked myself right along whether it was the lone purpose of Eighner to learn us those regulations. As the narrative progressed. I picked up the writer’s construct bit by bit. His essay exemplifies the uneconomical nature of American society and implies that it is the consequence of mercenary values but besides ignorance and deficiency of understanding. Peoples unreasonably throw out even nutrient that is appropriate for utilizing: â€Å"Students throw out many good things including food†¦the point was thrown out through sloppiness. ignorance. or thriftlessness. † ( Eighner ) The scavenger can get â€Å"boom boxes. tapers. bedclothes. toilet paper. medical specialty. books. a typewriter. a virgin male love doll. alteration sometimes amounting to many dollars† in the Dumpsters. I suppose the intent of the article is besides to demo how immoral is to throw out good nutrient and things. cognizing that 1000s are hungering and enduring from poorness. However. precisely that refuse helps him to last at hard times. Eighner’s concluding for why people are mercenary derives from the construct that they are lost and unsure of what they want. In a manner. his short essay On Dumpster Diving. suggests to his readers that to accomplish the province of satisfaction. they need to cognize what they want. He states. â€Å"Almost everything I have now has already been cast at least one time. turn outing that what I own is valueless to person. † The writer himself collects merely things that are of benefit to him and leaves the remainder for the benefit of others. The article shows that the author being homeless still keeps his intelligent. clever. and sentimental manner of thought. He emphasises the transiency of stuff being and says. â€Å"Once I was the kind of individual who invests material objects with sentimental value. Now I no longer have those things. but I have the sentiments yet. † ( Eighner ) I think. depicting all the regulations of Dumpster plunging Lars Eighner represents us the necessity of maintaining the etiquette even in hardship. The surfs of that common jurisprudence are the â€Å"can-divers. † They. as contrasted with the true scavengers. expression merely for the money there and blend the contents of the Dumpster doing it more hard to happen the genuinely good things. the writer explains. The worst in can scroungers’ actions is their audaciousness to travel through single containers in forepart of peoples places. something a true frogman would neer make. Making that the can diver discoveries different prescriptions. journals and things the proprietor throws out. It is clear that privateness unwraping would abash us. Eighner exclaims against private invasion. therefore showing his civilization and humanitarianism. The last paragraph where Lars compares himself to ultra-wealthy is the most interesting point of the essay. to my head. The rich people can get anything they like and the money does non stand in the manner of making that. The Dumpster diver gets the things from Dumpsters free excessively. Author’s analysis is that the truly rich or the truly hapless are those who do non desire or necessitate. In his comparing. Lars means that he and the super-rich bash non necessitate the points the remainder of us do. He can merely travel out and happen them. The storyteller tries to demo the positives of his profession. but does non overlook the negatives every bit good. following it with the words: â€Å"Dumpster diving has serious drawbacks as a manner of life. † The chief thought of Lars Eighner in his essay is to guarantee us that any hopeless state of affairs has its manner out. The life goes on even if you meet difficulties†¦ He calls us for maintaining our cultural and ethical endowments even when being in the lowest province of life. We may non bury that holding mercenary values over moral 1s destroys and vitiates us from interior. In the alone voice – prohibitionist. disciplined. affecting. comic- Eighner celebrates the victory of the artistic spirit in the face of tremendous hardship. therefore. animating me for true regard.

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Legalizing Marijuana in New York State Essays

Legalizing Marijuana in New York State Essays Legalizing Marijuana in New York State Essay Legalizing Marijuana in New York State Essay Legalizing Marijuana in New York State MeganCastner Composition 1 ENC 1101-12 Currently in New York State, marijuana is illegal. Marijuana is considered an illegal drug by many countries. Over the years there has been a great deal of controversy on whether or not marijuana should be. Growing, smoking, and being in the possession of marijuana for medicinal use, should be legal in the state of New York. In the State of New York it is illegal to buy, sell, grow, or possess marijuana. In 2002 approximately 57,504 arrests associated with marijuana (â€Å"Penalties for marijuana use In New York†). Selling under 2grams of marijuana is a class B misdemeanor (â€Å"New York marijuana laws†). The penalty for selling 24g of marijuana in New York State for in currently 1 year in jail and $1,000 fine. However the penalty for selling 25g-4oz is 1-4 years of jail time and a $5,000 fine (â€Å"Penalties for marijuana use in New York†). Possession of 25g or under of marijuana is also class B misdemeanor, meaning no set penalty. However the sentencing judge can determine what consequences the guilty party suffers. Being in possession of 8oz or over is a class E felony(â€Å"New York marijuana laws†), could result in prison time equaling less than five years but more than one year(â€Å"United States Code†). The penalty for possessing 25g is $100 fine, 2-8 oz is 1 year jail time and a $1,000 fine, 8-16 oz is 1-4 years jail time and $5,000 fine, 16oz-10lbs is 1-15 years jail time and a $5,000 fine (â€Å"Penalties for marijuana use in New York†). The marijuana is not legal to just anyone, its use is for Medicinal purposes only. Marijuana is currently legal in 14 out of the 50 states, medicinal marijuana is legal in the following states: California, New Jersey, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Colorado, Montana, District Columbia (D. C. ), Hawaii, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington. Legalizing Marijuana would help the streets tremendously. There would be little to no fighting for drugs. Young kids wouldn’t peddle drugs on the street. Crime rates would go down. Some medical conditions would be tolerable. The drug used for recreational purposes alleviates sever pain, some types of depressions. Relating this to tobacco, if marijuana was legal people wouldn’t be robbing others just to keep their fix. They have to come by the marijuana honestly like you do a pack of cigarettes. In my opinion if marijuana were to be legalized in New York, a lot of people would get longer to live and a second chance at life. References 1) Times, High. The Top Ten Reasons Marijuana Should Be Legal | Drugs AlterNet.   Home | AlterNet. Aug. -Sept. 2007. Web. 06 July 2011. . 2) CBS NEWS. Myth: Policy Change Is Inevitable  Pictures CBS News.   Breaking News Headlines: Business, Entertainment World News CBS News. Web. 06 July 2011. . 3) NBC NEWS. Veterans in D. C. May Not Benefit From Medical Marijuana | NBC Washington.   NBC Washington DC Local News, Weather, Traffic, Entertainment, Events, Breaking News | NBC Washington. 1 Nov. 2010. Web. 06 July 2011. . 4) Legalization of Marijuana. Web. 06 July 2011. . 5) United States Code: Title 18,3559. Sentencing Classification of Offenses | LII / Legal Information Institute.   LII | Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School. Web. 06 July 2011. .

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Job interview questions (Advertising) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Job interview questions (Advertising) - Essay Example While working, I allocate adequate question time to my team members in order to attain the feedback. My objective is to involve all individuals in the decision making process. In this regard, I use democracy leadership style. I value this style since it creates a good working relationship between leaders and members of an organization. I like seeking the opinions of others during my leadership. As a result, once I make changes in the benefits program for example by introducing a computer course, there is no resistance to change from the workers since they are involved in the plan. One of the challenges faced by sales team is lack of product awareness. I will tackle this challenge by coming up with roadside shows in road junction and public places especially during the weekends. As a result, more potential consumers will be aware of our brands (Matt, 2005). I will also create songs that our sales team will sing while advertising in the television. By use of IT, and in collaboration with company designers, I will come up with well-designed advertisements that inform the customer about our brands once they are launched in the market. My objective is to have a strong marketing team and effective PR that is able to handle customer complaints. Using face book and twitter, I will come up with a group that our consumers will join as friends thus creating a strong positive customer-brand relationship. As an intern, I came up with an innovative idea of using plastic bags that were green and recyclable. In this way, there was minimum pollution within our premises as well as in the neighborhood. I value teamwork and assisting individual members to achieve their goals. However, at one time I experienced a challenge when some members of my team were involved in a conflict resulting to failure to achieve our objectives. To address this problem, I arranged a meeting with each of the member, then with both of them and lastly we solved the issue and the positive